Monthly Archives: November 2012

HNIs Approach Farm Houses as Their Subculture Centers

Recent Real estate reports say that millionaires invest more on farm houses now. Most of them consider owning farm houses as a symbol of prestige.

Millionaires find it easier to have a farm house in the outskirts fo the city. Lower rated land, easier process of approval, etc. make it one of the best options for them.

The term ‘farm house’ struck the news headlines recently. Real estate developer Mr. Ponty Chaddha lost his life at his farm house. The murder of actress Laila Khan also happened in her farm house. These incidents proved that the wealthy people do own farm houses. Read More »

Mumbai Real Estate Gives New Hope to the Investors

Mumbai Real Estate promises higher returns to the real estate investors. Three Mumbai suburbs are listed among the top ten advantageous Real Estate destinations of the country.

Mumbai City has 3 top Real Estate destinations of India. Prices in these areas are said to double in five years’ time.

Though the Real Estate sector undergoes a very sluggish momentum, investors all across the country still choose real estate investment. Higher returns are said to be the reasons behind this overwhelming popularity of real estate investments. Read More »

Indian Real Estate Becomes Branded with Universal Stars

Indian Real Estate Market which is recently moving very slow expects to receive pace and boost from endorsement with universal stars.  Universal stars like Maria Sharapova and Michael Schumacher have recently visited India to endorse real estate projects.

UK centered real estate firm Homestead has bagged Maria Sharapova to promote one of their real estate residential projects in India. The same group had earlier signed with Michael Schumacher as well. Read More »

UAE NRIs Prefer Real Estate Investment: Say Reports

Falling Indian rupees invite more NRI investment in India. A majority of NRIs plan to invest on real estate properties. Sumansa Exhibitions’ survey disclosed that nearly 89% of the UAE NRIs do have investments in real estate.

The role of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) in the investment strategy of India is prominent. Recent studies prove that most of the NRIs prefer real estate properties to Gold, bank deposits and other investment options. Read More »

CREDAI Pleased with AP Govt.’s Online Building Approval

Andhra Government launched online system for approving real estate buildings. The developers’ Apex body- CREDAI remarked it as real- estate-reformation.

Single window system for building plan applications will accelerate the completion of real estate projects. Real estate projects will be delivered in time as it can avoid the red-tapism and corrupted officials who stand as blocks for timely deliveries. Read More »

Hyderabad Metro Rail to Boost Real Estate

Hyderabad real estate is to be supported and boosted by the proposed metro rail. With the arrival of new metro services the city is to become more transit oriented. Read More »