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Indian Real estate investment market, among top 20

Cushman & Wakefield report showed that India is one among the top 20 real estate investment markets of the world. India ranks 20th in the list.

Mumbai: Real estate investment is one of the best options of investment in India. This might be the reason why India has got a place inside the top 20 real estate investment markets of the world. Read More »

Weak Office Space Absorption Hits Commercial Realty

According to some top real estate consultants’ reports office space absorption is weak in many top cities of India. This has adversely affected commercial realty.

Commercial realty is affected badly by the weak office space absorption. In the opinion of Cushman & Wakefield and DTZ weak office space absorption is due to the sluggish IT demand. Office space absorption by IT firms has declined over the years. Read More »

Jones Lang LaSalle picks Bangalore realty for investment

For Jones Lang LaSalle, Bangalore realty is the best choice for investment. The global property consultant will enter into the real estate investment segment through investing in Bangalore.

Jones Lang LaSalle plans to step into the real estate investment for the first time. They will invest in the real estate sector of Bangalore, their first-choice of preference . Read More »

Commercial investment is more attractive in top cities

Considering the existing trends in the big cities, commercial investment is b better and more attractive. In many ways commercial investment outperforms the residential investment.

There are many who are keen to invest in the real estate sector. Among those who invest in real estate sector, some are fond of residential segment while others look at commercial segment. Here we look at how or why commercial investment is more attractive. Read More »

Chennai sees higher demand for resale properties

Now there is a higher demand for resale properties in Chennai. The higher demand for resale properties narrows down the prices between the old and fresh properties.

There are many who demand for resale properties in Chennai now. The situation leads to the fact that there is no much difference between the new and a fresh property in the city. Read More »

Demand for mid segment luxury Apts surges in Gurgaon

Now there is more demand for mid segment luxury apartments in Gurgaon. Real estate builders feel that there is a shift in the housing demand from top end housing segment to mid segment luxury houses.

Gurgaon is one of the top cities in the NCR where luxury is considered as a way of life. This is considered as the hub of top earners and ultra-rich millionaires. However some recent reports revealed that the city is now sees more demand for mid segment luxury apartments and not for the top end housing segment. Read More »

Single window clearance likely to become a reality

Considering the undue delay of the projects, a panel has suggested the government to implement single window clearance for the realty projects.

There is a chance for the single window clearance to become a reality in future. The builders have been demanding for single window clearance for many years. So far all their pleas have reached in the deaf ears of the authorities which have not heeded their pleas. Read More »

Invest in suburbs for long to earn better returns

Though the growth of suburbs assures better returns to the investors, it is advisable for them to keep it for longer periods.

Witnessing the growth of suburbs there are many investors in these areas. However the industry experts opine that investment in the suburbs should be done for longer periods of time to earn better profits. Read More »

E-payment of stamp duty to ease property deals in MH

In an attempt to speed up the property tax payments, Maharashtra Government has launched e-payment of stamp duty. The buyers will now be able to pay the stamp duty in an authorized bank.

One of the most tiring things in any of the property deals is the difficulty in paying the property tax to the government. The one who purchases a property will have to run hither and thither to pay the property tax. Buying a stamp paper, he starts his rotation starting with the treasury and extend to many other offices. However with the e-payment all these hassles have vanished into thin air. Read More »

Rentals of ultra luxury Villas fall in Bangalore

In Bangalore, rentals of ultra luxury villas fell slightly this year. Comparing to the last year, the rentals of ultra luxury villas reach nowhere around.

Living in villas, especially ultra luxury villas, is considered as a matter of prestige. However, due to the higher rentals of ultra luxury villas, it is possible only for a ‘few privileged’ and the top earners. But the latest pieces of news from Bangalore residential market tell that the rentals of villas are falling in the city. Read More »

Foreign Investors shift to commercial sector

With home prices dropping in India, foreign investors are now planning to shift their investment from residential market to commercial real estate.

Many of the cities have witnessed a fall of prices in the residential sector. Moreover many unsold residential properties remain in many of the cities without finding any takers. All these factors drive the sentiments of the foreign investors to the commercial sector. Read More »

Portugal invites realty investors from India

With the aim to survive from the global economic crises, Portugal now invites realty investors from the non-European countries including India.

This might be a golden chance for the Indian millionaires who have surplus income to invest in Portugal. The doors of Portugal have been opened to the Indian investors and businessmen who are ready to have some investment or set up an office in the European countries. Read More »

Delhi NCR and Its Top Hot Investment Destinations

There are many hot investment destinations in the Delhi NCR. This region is, thus, hotly sought after by the investors now.

Investors are always after the properties which offer better returns to them. Thus by offering higher returns to the investors, hot investment destinations in the Delhi NCR, remain the best option for those who seek to invest in the real estate sector. Read More »

GHMC to go harsh against the owners of illegal buildings

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation – GHMC plans to impose monetary penalty on those who own illegal buildings in the city.

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation– GHMC; with the aim to control the construction of illegal buildings, has decided to impose additional tax in the form of penalty from the owners of the illegal buildings. Read More »

Economic Survey 2013 blames clearance-delay for high property prices

Economic Survey 2013 stated that delay in clearances shoot up property prices in India.

As per the Economic Survey 2013, property prices in the county shoot up mainly due to the additional time taken for the clearances. The survey added that once the building clearance becomes faster the hike of property prices can be halted well. Read More »

Budget 2013 to Boost Housing Demand in Tier-2 Cities

Budget 2013 will improve the housing demand in the tier-2 cities, says Anuj Puri. With a deduction on loans up to Rs.25 lakh for the first-time-home buyers, the demand in the metros would not be affected, he added.

As against the sky reaching expectations of the real estate players and the developers, many of the expected reforms were not included in the Budget 2013. The omitted reforms include the real estate regulatory bill, infrastructure status on the housing sector, etc. Read More »