Single window clearance likely to become a reality

Considering the undue delay of the projects, a panel has suggested the government to implement single window clearance for the realty projects.

There is a chance for the single window clearance to become a reality in future. The builders have been demanding for single window clearance for many years. So far all their pleas have reached in the deaf ears of the authorities which have not heeded their pleas.

Economic Survey 2013 had reported that the property prices in the country are rising due to the delay in clearance. The builders are to spend an additional amount on preserving the property for long. This additional conservation amount also is passed on to the buyers who will have to pay an additional charge for their project.

The normal time taken for getting all clearances is over six months. In metro cities and other growing cities, the land prices shoot up highly within this period. This also affects the property prices.

Pointing all these factors, the real estate developers associations pleaded to the government to introduce single window clearance system for the approval of all residential projects.

Finally heeding the petitions of the builders, a panel was appointed under the leadership of Dhanendra Kumar, Competition Commission of India (CCI)’s Chairman.

After analyzing the difficulties of the builders in attaining the clearances from environment and forests ministry, the committee suggested the government to go for single window clearance.

The builders are to get the clearance from, besides one from the environment ministry, from Airports Authority of India (AAI) too. This clearance process is lengthy enough to make the builders and the owners suffer a lot.

However they are to get the clearance only for some bigger projects and not for all projects. Whatsoever if the government nods for the single window clearance, the problems of the real estate developers will come to an to certain extents.