Bangalore Has the Most Number of Senior Living Projects

There are seven residential projects for the senior citizens in Bangalore. Thus the city is far ahead to other cities in terms of providing better home facilities to the seniors.

Home projects for the seniors are often confused with old-age homes. Experts clear that the former is entirely different from the latter. They point to the ultra-luxury amenities incorporated in to such housing projects in Bangalore.

Old-age homes are those where the old people are taken care. Though their needs are taken care, the seniors here feel that they are left to live without much freedom and in undesirable conditions. Normally nobody likes to stay in such homes.

On the other end residential projects for the seniors remain the most suitable place for the seniors to lead their life after retirement. However unlike old-age homes, these projects are costlier.

Almost every in-call facility is provided to the seniors who are living in this kind of housing projects. The facilities include in call doctor facility as well. Besides doctors, other facilities and services make the life here really covetous.

Those who desire to have a royal life, even after the retirement, can rightly choose any of them. In most of the projects all necessary and recreational amenities are incorporated.

Bangalore has seven such projects. Tata Housing Riva Residences is one of them. This is a super-luxury residential project for the seniors.

According to a report by Jones Lang LaSalle, there are 30 senior living projects. While 30 is the aggregate number of projects across India, seven of them are in Bangalore. Chennai, Pune and Coimbatore have three each such projects.

Not only in the completed projects for the seniors, but also in the number of under-construction projects also has Bangalore topped the list. JLL reports that there are 30 projects which are yet to be completed.

Regarding the under-construction projects, the only difference is that Goa replaces Coimbatore in the third place. Besides Tata Housing, other developers like Ashiana, Athasri, Covai Properties, etc. also have similar projects.

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