Boom of Shopping Malls

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A Shopping Mall
March 11, 2010

You must be astonished by the growth of India in terms of rapidly increasing number of Shopping Malls. You must also doubt that where they will find so many shoppers and lodgers. But the experts claim that  as compared to developed and other developing countries, the mall culture in India is still in fledgling stages.

A super mall, which is at least 11.2 lakh sq. ft. in size is still in dreams of India while the US had 50 of them and even South Africa 21 way back in 2005.

Asipac, a Bangalore-based real estate development consultancy, made a study of this growth and came to the conclusion that while Australia has 75 regional malls(5-11.2 lakh square feet) besides 15 super malls, India has just 12 malls which can be considered regional.

The recently opened Mantri Square in Bangalore, country’s largest one, is even less than one fourth of the Dubai Mall – 3.77 million square feet, the  world’s largest mall.

Therefore,it can be inferred that there is a room for 100s of more mega malls as India advances its ambition to become a super power economy with a big middle class merchandise.