DAMAC Towers by Paramount Invites Indian Investors

DAMAC Properties aims investors from India. Their DAMAC Towers by Paramount is expected to be one of the best investment options for the Indian investors.

DAMAC Towers by Paramount is expected to become a sign and symbol of luxury. It is a joint venture of Paramount Hotel & Resorts and DAMAC Properties.

The name Paramount is well-known for all who love Hollywood movies. It is one of the leading producers of Hollywood movies. The group joining hands with DAMAC Properties will develop DAMAC Towers by Paramount. The project offers serviced hotel residences.

Overseas investment is never a new thing for the Indian investors. Whenever a good opportunity knocks at the door, they do invest in the properties and have so far remained successful in their investment.

Sahara India Pariwar’s investment in a London Hotel chain is one such example. Here DAMAC Properties is coming up with a better investment option for the Indian investors.

Aiming at Indian property investors, DAMAC Properties will invest $1Billion. DAMAC Properties is a Dubai based real estate development company.

DAMAC Towers by Paramount will be one of the better options for the investors who plan to have overseas investment. The project is located in the Burj area.

Burj area which is known for Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower of the world, is one of the hottest and most posh areas in Dubai. This alone assures better returns to the investors.

Besides the serviced hotel residences at DAMAC Towers by Paramount will be offered to the buyers with an option of gaining rentals when they are away. Thus it means that there the returns would be double.

There will be 540 prime residences and Paramount Hotel in the tower. Other than this, DAMAC Maison – Paramount will jointly develop 1000 serviced hotel residences in the tower. With the aim to attract the top property investors from India, the project was presented in Delhi and Mumbai last week.

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