Demand for mid segment luxury Apts surges in Gurgaon

Now there is more demand for mid segment luxury apartments in Gurgaon. Real estate builders feel that there is a shift in the housing demand from top end housing segment to mid segment luxury houses.

Gurgaon is one of the top cities in the NCR where luxury is considered as a way of life. This is considered as the hub of top earners and ultra-rich millionaires. However some recent reports revealed that the city is now sees more demand for mid segment luxury apartments and not for the top end housing segment.

Gurgaon is considered highly suitable for property investment. It is one of the best investment options which provide higher returns. However despite the investors, home buyers are also considering this city as one of the best locations where they will be able to enjoy better life.

However due to the highly strategic location close to the National Capital and to the international airport, makes it one of the hottest spots. The property prices are far higher and so the city is not affordable to the middle income class group even.

However there is seen a shift in the sentiments of the home buyers. Now they demand more houses which fall between the ranges of Rs.60 lakh to Rs.1.2 Cr. The builders are also coming up with many projects in this range, to meet the demand.

As per a report majority of the projects were launched in this mid segment luxury. This is viewed as the builders decision to provide homes according to the changing demands. However the builders remain very conscious to provide no homes of lower facilities or at affordable rates. On the other side they provide with all amenities and facilities, which is normally sold at higher prices.

Builders fear to be termed as ‘affordable housing’ developer which they never wish to be known for. As they are providing only homes with superior facilities and amenities, the buyers are in fact forced to buy homes at these property prices. Despite the higher demand for mid segment luxury houses, the top end houses are also demanded highly.

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