HUDA Postponed Its Resi. Plot Allotment in Gurgaon

Following the HC order, Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) postponed plot allotment in Gurgaon. The postponement makes the land owners wait longer.

Land owners were expecting to start constructions soon as they thought that Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) would be allotting the land parcels soon to them. All the preparations were taken and it was announced that the HUDA would be allotting the lands to the owners.

So with greater hope they reached the site but to hear that the land allotment has been postponed for undisclosed period of time. The owners really felt disappointed and said that the entire mistake was from the part of HUDA.

However a HUDA official said that the plan of the Authority was not to allot all land parcels but only those parcels which are clear of all legal hassles and arguments. HUDA was expected to allot around 700 plots to the owners in Gurgaon.

Now the Authority cannot allot the land till they get another order from the Punjab and Haryana HC which stayed the allotment. HC stayed the allotment after hearing the complaint filed by a disputed land owner.

The petitioner through his complaint informed the HC that he was eligible for included in the list however his name was not included in the list of the land owners.

However the furious and disappointed plot owners showed their disgust and despair thorough their voice. They blamed that the fault is with the Authority which should have solved the issue before it reached the HC.

Once the problem has reached the HC, HUDA cannot do anything till it gets the order from the HC. It means that the land owners will have to wait longer for getting their lands allotted to them.

HUDA was planning to allot the land to the owners so that they may be able to start construction in their residential plots. However now the Authority as well as the owners will have to wait till the case is studied and decided by the HC.