Indian Billionaires Who Invest Hugely On Their Homes

The top Indian Billionaires seem to be highly competitive in developing homes worth many billions.

It seems that the top Indian Billionaires are competing each other. It might be normal too. Here we some of the top Indian billionaires whose homes are included among the most expensive homes in the world. Their craze to spend huge amounts on developing homes is criticized as a mockery to the Poor Indian.

Mukesh Ambani and His Antilia

As long as the home of Anil Ambani is not ready, Antilla, the home of Mukesh Ambani will remain as the most expensive home in India. He is on the top among all Indian Billionaires and so is his home.

The 27-storied mansion equals the height of a 40-storied building. The estimated cost of the project is Rs.4500 Cr. The home which bring every modern facility and amenity under one roof, is set at Altamount Road one of the posh areas in Mumbai.

NCPA Apartments

When the most expensive homes of Indian Billionaires are concerned, there might not be any place for an apartment. NCPA Apartments, however, is an exception. This apartment was bought for Rs.34 Cr. What makes it into the most expensive homes is that the flat was bought when the realty market was dull.

The rate per square foot for this apartment at Nariman Point in Mumbai was Rs.97842. Now you agree why it should be among the others.

Shahrukh Khan and his Mannat

Shahrukh Khan, the Badshah of Bollywood who is popularly known as King Khan, owns a home worth Rs.70 to Rs.100 Cr. He is not included among the Indian Billionaires, but of course his assets would worth many billions.

Mannat, the home of King Khan too has every modern facility. MF Hussain’s paintings and other art and craft works which decorate the living room, remain main attractions.

Anil Ambani, Gautam Singhania, Ratan Tata and Vijay Mallya are some other Indian billionaires. Their homes are also included among the ten most expensive homes in India. Anil Ambani’s home is built with Rs.5000 Cr. Once completed this will be the most expensive home in India.