Investors From China and India Take More Risks

Investors in rising markets such as China and India have a much greater desire for risky investments than their counterparts in developed markets, new research has shown.
Wealthy investors in developing nations are more likely to increase the level of risk to their portfolio, with 43% of those in the United Arab Emirates, which contains Dubai, opting to increase their exposure to risky investments.
In China and India the proportions were 41% and 40% respectively, whereas only 29% of investors in the UK would do so.
Nearly half of investors in developed markets are retreating into cash because of market volatility.
The report, published by Barclays Wealth and the Economist Intelligence Unit, polled 2,300 high net wealth individuals, uncovering a divide in the way investors are responding to the credit crunch.
Property remains an attractive investment for half of all investors in emerging markets, despite the current falls in values. By contrast, only a third of investors in developed markets are intending to raise their property investments.
Kevin Lecocq, chief investment officer at Barclays Wealth said: “The market volatility is causing investors to have a wide divergence of reactions and attitude.”