Plot Owners Obliged To Follow Green Norms

Plot owners in Delhi will now have to follow green norms while they are constructing homes in their allotted residential plots.

The plot owners, who have acquired residential plots in Delhi, will now have to follow green norms. While constructing homes, they should make sure that they are constructing their dream home in accordance with the green norms.

In case if any of the plot owners found guilty of violating green norms, then there will be punishment for them also. Thus, it will be harder for them to construct homes and live in them.

According to a recent report, Green buildings are the sole option to save power and energy. Moreover the water scarcity can also be met with developing homes in accordance with the green norms.

The current Master Plan 2021 of DDA does not include any of these proposals. However the authority is planning to bring some amendments to the existing master plan.

Under the new amendments, the plot owners with plots over the size of 3000 sq. m. will have to follow the green norms while constructing in the plots. This new rule will not be applicable to those plot owners who have smaller plots.

Though there came up a suggestion to revise the FAR, the suggestion was discarded by the civic body. Additionally DDA plans to provide some incentives to the plot owners who develop homes accordingly. On the other end, the violators will be fined.

The proposal came up during the meeting held last week. This new proposal will be applicable to the developers as well.

The provisions like waste water recycling and rain water harvesting systems, etc. are also proposed. Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment will assess the projects.

Unlike other homes green norms are more eco-friendly, and consume less power and water. With the new amendment and the proposal, the development authority aims to see more green rated projects in the city.

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