Real Estate Scam Alleged: Stains Hooda’s Son–In-Law

Haryana CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda’s close kinsmen have acquired real estate properties in the state in vast quantities. Many of these real estate dealings are finger- points to politicians’ illegal relations with real estate builders.

Hooda's son in law under the shadow of real estate scam

Will Hooda’s son- in- law receive his brightness shadowed by real estate scam allegation?

Haryana is highly sought after by real estate builders because it is one of the most fertile lands for real estate. Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda’s many kinsmen run various firms in the state.

Hooda’s Son–in-law runs Havelock Developers Pvt Ltd. It was founded in the year 2007 as a sub-firm of Unitech builders with full ownership rights. Havelock acquired vast land parcels in many parts in the state especially in Gurgaon. At present the firm has land parcels in Fazilpur and Badshahpur areas of Gurgaon.

Havelock is alleged of obtaining Rs.6.7 Cr in the form of unsecured loans from Unitech. Unitech is one of the largest real estate builders of India. Interestingly before reaching the loan tenure i.e. on March 31- 2008, the ownership rights of Havelock was transmitted to Hooda’s daughter Anjali and her husband Kunal Bhadoo. Reports show that the transfer happened in September 2007.

Mr and Mrs Bhadoo had also partnered with CHD real estate Developers as well. They jointly developed Navyug Education Pvt Ltd and later its ownership rights also were grabbed by Mr Bhadoo.

So far no hint or clue is available to prove the allegation. Yet these transactions reveal the close ‘inter- relation’ between the politicians and real estate corporates.

Another real estate major DLF is alleged to have underground connections with the Hooda- led Haryana government.  This has become one of the top headlines in many newspapers. Hooda government is suspected of having ‘unclean’ relations with the DLF.

Earlier Arvind Kejriwal had tried to bring out DLF’s illegal relations with Robert Vadra, Sonia Gandhi’s son- in – law. This allegation also still remains unproven. But all these real estate scam allegations show and reveal one thing that the real estate developers are always in close touch with the politicians.