Realty Boom In Guwahati, Investors Attracted

Realty boom in Guwahati has attracted property investors to the city. Northeast as a whole has witnessed a realty boom in the recent years.

The developers in the Northeast states like Assam are happier now as they are witnessing a realty boom across these states. However Guwahati is one of the key cities in the Northeast which saw a quicker and faster boom in the past few years.

Real estate boom is never a new thing in India. However it is something new for Guwahati and most of the other Northeastern cities. Even when real estate was booming in the entire country; it hardly touched any of the Northeast states.

Now the situation has undergone a lot of changes. These states are also witnessing some sort of realty boom.

The property expo which was held at Maniram Dewan Trade Centre in Guwahati proves this. The property expo attracted many investors and home buyers.

The developers who exhibited their projects in the expo said that they saw a good response from the property investors as well as the home buyers. In their opinion, the number of investors in these states is on the rise. It is in fact a good sign for the realty developers in the area.

Among the Northeast states, Assam is the top state for property investment. In this state the top city is Guwahati. The demand for residential and commercial properties in the city is rising.

Guwahati, known as the gateway to the Northeast, is its prominent commercial hub. Due to the commercial prominence of the city, the developers are now coming up with various commercial projects including shopping malls.

Now there are a good number of shopping malls in the city. Along with the mall development, the developers develop top-end hotel projects as well. The developers say that the demand for housing units in the city also has improved. According to them, the investors are keen to invest in the residential segment.

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