Residential Market in India Will Grow Theme-Centered

Theme-Centered homes where you may get Disney Characters or some other popular characters as your friends, has become the latest trend in the residential market.

Years back no one could imagine that their homes to be painted according to some themes. But the time has rolled away a lot forward and it has become very common or going to be very common in India to paint houses according to some themes. Yes, the trends in the residential market are changing.

According to the realty experts theme-centered homes have become the key word in the residential market. In their opinion the future of residential market will be in the line of theme homes.

Viewing the changing trend in the residential market, many developers have started developing theme-oriented residential project. Sunteck Realty, Tata Housing Development Co. Limited and Team Taurus have already launched their theme-oriented projects.

Mumbai based Sunteck Realty will develop theme-oriented project in Mumbai while Team Taurus will develop a residential project in West Bengal. These two developers have already signed with Disney India for using the Disney Characters for promoting their projects.

Tata Housing has three projects in the same line. The group will develop projects in Gurgaon, Lonavala and Talegaon. The group has already completed Raisina Residency; their first project in the theme oriented line, in Delhi. The project remains a big success as majority of the housing units were booked within a short period of time after the launch.

Mr. Rajeeb Dash, marketing head at Tata Housing, said that the people are wrong in thinking that these kinds of projects are top-end projects. He added that this is a wrong conception. He pointed that Tata Housing’s Talegaon project is a middle-income project.

However the theme homes must be suiting the location and the surroundings. This is one of the big problems for the sort of housing units. This is the main reason why the cost of such projects is higher. So as a result the project becomes costlier.

Recently Walt Disney has announced that they will globalize the theme home business pattern initiated by Disney India. However it is believed that the trend is resulted from the people’s contact with the outer world- especially with the top cities of the world.

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