Why Investment in township projects is better?

Township projects remain one of the best options for property investment. They offer easy exit with higher returns.

There is all possibility for infrastructure development around the township projects. The builders do take care that their projects are well-connected and supported by infrastructure.

Connectivity and infrastructure development are two key factors which determine the price appreciation. If the area has good connectivity or it is supported by infrastructure, there will be more takers as well as investors in the area. If the project does not enjoy any of these, then the situation gets upside down.

Real estate investment has been in the forefront for many years. For many years, it is considered as one of the best options of investment. However, there has been a shift of investment from residential to commercial sectors. Pre-launch properties too remained a good option.

The investors wish to exit from their investment as soon as possible with maximum possible returns. If the return is higher, then there will be more people to invest. Investors do look into the nature of properties. They are concerned with fact whether they provide easy exit or not.

According to Prakash S Shah, township projects are better for property investment. Hiranandani Group’s Director (Finance & Business Development) said that the builders are keen to improve the infrastructure near their township projects.

It is normal that there will be growth of commerce and business centers inside such projects. As the number of shops and companies increases, there will be more demand for such projects. This will also improve the price appreciation. Such projects thus remain better options for investment.

Moreover they hold better potentials to grow and assure better returns to the investors. Commercial development is certain inside the township projects, making the property prices soar. According to Mr. Shah residential sector is the best option to invest while township projects remain his favorite.