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Bangalore Has the Most Number of Senior Living Projects

There are seven residential projects for the senior citizens in Bangalore. Thus the city is far ahead to other cities in terms of providing better home facilities to the seniors. Home projects for the seniors are often confused with old-age homes. Experts clear that the former is entirely different from the latter. They point to […]

Residential Market in India Will Grow Theme-Centered

Theme-Centered homes where you may get Disney Characters or some other popular characters as your friends, has become the latest trend in the residential market. Years back no one could imagine that their homes to be painted according to some themes. But the time has rolled away a lot forward and it has become very […]

Let Housing Segment Be Given Infrastructure Status; NAREDCO

With the aim to gain tax-benefits, the National Real Estate Development Council demanded that the housing segment should be given infrastructure status. The National Real Estate Development Council, NAREDCO, knows it well that if the housing segment is given infrastructure status they can obtain many tax-benefits. With this aim the national council has raised the […]