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Capital gains tax on sold property.

Real estate is a significant part of an investor’s pie. It is also a time tested asset, which almost always appreciates except in times of severe economic downtrends, when it’s temporarily affected. In fact, buying real estate for investment purposes and selling it later at a higher price has become very common among investors. Banks […]

Income Tax Dept To Scan Realty Deals For Evasion

If you bought or sold a house or a plot for more than Rs 30 lakh, then expect a knock from tax hounds. Real estate sector is high on the radar of the income-tax department, which is going to keep a close watch on buyers or sellers of property. Realty deal whose value is more […]

Realty sector seeks tax breaks on REITs in line with MFs

Realty sector hopes that Finance Minister P Chidambaram will provide tax breaks on REITs in line with the Mutual Funds while he unveils the Union Budget on February 29. Market regulator SEBI has already come out with a draft guideline to allow Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), but there was no mention on the tax […]

Facts About Taxable Income

Income is very broad term. If we talk about salaried person, the payment and facilities he or she received is said as his or her income. In case of businessman, the net profits will constitute income. Dividend, Commission and Interest etc are also called income. In Income tax act, income is categorized into 5 different […]