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Realty Investment Rises In UP, Reports ASSOCHAM

Uttar Pradesh has seen an increase in the realty investment, reported Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India.

Analyzing the growth rate of realty investment in Uttar Pradesh, Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India has reported that the state has received a growth in the investment level. Read More »

Realty Boom In Guwahati, Investors Attracted

Realty boom in Guwahati has attracted property investors to the city. Northeast as a whole has witnessed a realty boom in the recent years.

The developers in the Northeast states like Assam are happier now as they are witnessing a realty boom across these states. However Guwahati is one of the key cities in the Northeast which saw a quicker and faster boom in the past few years. Read More »

Gujarat Realty Bags Rs.17,000 Cr Investments

In the last fiscal, Rs.17,000 Cr was invested in the Gujarat realty. The state saw growth rate of over 700 percent.

Gujarat realty is booming. It has really become one of the hottest realty investment destinations. The report presented by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India affirms this. Read More »

Meydan Group, Lodha to Invest $5.7b in Realty

Joining with Mumbai based Lodha Group; Meydan Group will invest $5.7 billion in the real estate sector for developing District One, an integrated township project.

A residential project will be jointly developed by Lodha and Meydan. Both the partners propose to develop a residential project at an estimated cost of $5.7 billion. Read More »

Realty Investors Look Hopefully At the Proposed Bridges

Realty investors are hopefully looking at the proposed bridges as they will boost the real estate market in Noida.

Recently Noida Authority has proposed the construction of two new bridges across the Yamuna. Though the Authority plans to construct these bridges to avoid the traffic jams in the city, this proposal has been hopefully looked at the realty investors. Read More »

Which Investment is better, Gold or Realty?

Recently with the fall of gold prices, the investors are turning to gold. While leaving real estate, the investors are still confused on the investment options they have.

Once the gold prices started falling many of the property investors turned to this glittering metal. Yet some of them remained cautious as they were not sure of their investment returns from the gold. Read More »

Essel to invest Rs.1000 Cr in residential realty

Essel Financial Services Ltd.’s private equity wing will invest Rs.1000 Cr in residential realty. The new PERE fund of the Essel Group will be invested for developing residential projects across the top cities.

Bangalore: Essel Financial Services Ltd.’s private equity wing will launch a new fund. The new fund of Rs.1000 Cr is expected to be invested in the residential sector for developing housing projects in the top cities. This is the first PERE fund of the group. Read More »

Rising Home Rentals Woo Investors to Residential Sector

Home rentals are increasing in all the top cities of India. Higher flow of population, lower supply of housing units, etc. are key factors which determine the home rentals.

MUMBAI: Population from rural areas is flowing to the big cities. This higher flow of population causes higher demand for housing units in these cities. Along with the increase in demand, the home rentals too increase. Read More »

DAMAC Towers by Paramount Invites Indian Investors

DAMAC Properties aims investors from India. Their DAMAC Towers by Paramount is expected to be one of the best investment options for the Indian investors.

DAMAC Towers by Paramount is expected to become a sign and symbol of luxury. It is a joint venture of Paramount Hotel & Resorts and DAMAC Properties. Read More »

PERE Investments, Bangalore & Mumbai holds lion share

Majority of the PERE Investments are done in Bangalore and Mumbai. Experts opine that this is due to the higher number of IT hubs in these cities.

MUMBAI: Private Equity in Real Estate is one main sources of income for the builders. However the recent reports show that the PERE investments are mainly done in Mumbai and Bangalore. Read More »

Investment on housing plots, how good is it?

Investing on housing plots is better. However the returns from the investment depend on the features and specialties of the housing plots.

Property investment has been in the forefront of investment for a long while. This has been one of the best forms of investment for many reasons. However as the time passed the investment shifted from residential sector to the commercial sector. Read More »

Indian Real estate investment market, among top 20

Cushman & Wakefield report showed that India is one among the top 20 real estate investment markets of the world. India ranks 20th in the list.

Mumbai: Real estate investment is one of the best options of investment in India. This might be the reason why India has got a place inside the top 20 real estate investment markets of the world. Read More »

Commercial investment is more attractive in top cities

Considering the existing trends in the big cities, commercial investment is b better and more attractive. In many ways commercial investment outperforms the residential investment.

There are many who are keen to invest in the real estate sector. Among those who invest in real estate sector, some are fond of residential segment while others look at commercial segment. Here we look at how or why commercial investment is more attractive. Read More »

Invest in suburbs for long to earn better returns

Though the growth of suburbs assures better returns to the investors, it is advisable for them to keep it for longer periods.

Witnessing the growth of suburbs there are many investors in these areas. However the industry experts opine that investment in the suburbs should be done for longer periods of time to earn better profits. Read More »

Foreign Investors shift to commercial sector

With home prices dropping in India, foreign investors are now planning to shift their investment from residential market to commercial real estate.

Many of the cities have witnessed a fall of prices in the residential sector. Moreover many unsold residential properties remain in many of the cities without finding any takers. All these factors drive the sentiments of the foreign investors to the commercial sector. Read More »

Delhi NCR and Its Top Hot Investment Destinations

There are many hot investment destinations in the Delhi NCR. This region is, thus, hotly sought after by the investors now.

Investors are always after the properties which offer better returns to them. Thus by offering higher returns to the investors, hot investment destinations in the Delhi NCR, remain the best option for those who seek to invest in the real estate sector. Read More »

Property Investment in Pre-Launch Properties Is Better

If you wish to have some sort of property investment, prelaunch properties would be the better options. Property investment in prelaunch projects offers better returns to the investors.

Seeing the blooming nature of real estate sector, many of the investors are leaping into property investment. Yet they seldom know how to invest wisely. If you wish to become a good investor you should know and how to have property investment. Read More »

Property Investment: Most Preferred and Top Cities Of India

There are many cities emerging in India as hotter destinations for property investment. We have listed them according to the amount of returns they assure.

Property investment is one of the best options of investment in India as they provide better returns to the investors. However before we decide to have Property investment it is highly advisable to know the hot destinations which will offer you comparatively higher returns. Read More »

Koramangala Emerges As A Better Home Destination

Koramangala, an outskirt located in the South-East part of Bangalore, has become a better home destination as it offers easier access to many commercial hubs of Bangalore.

If you ask someone to tell what the importance Koramangala has, you will surely get vast number of answers. Some of them may be its closeness to many commercial hubs located in the Central, East and Southern regions of Bangalore or its easy connectivity to the Metro city. Read More »

Indian Realty Market To See Huge Foreign Investment: JLL

According to Jones Lang LaSalle, a leading global real estate consultancy firm, Indian realty market will see a huge amount of investment by the foreign investors.

Global real estate consultancy firm Jones Lang LaSalle reported that foreign investors will invest huge amounts in Indian realty market. According to the global consultancy firm nearly $4-5 billion will be invested in the Indian realty market.

Indian metros like Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai have always remained as a better investment option for the investors. This time too, the story is not much different as these metros of India expect to receive a huge investment, $4-5 billion approximately, from the foreign investors. Read More »

Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Sahara’s Review Appeal

Sahara’s appeal to review the refund – case was turned down by the Supreme Court which said that there are no valuable reasons for the review.

Sahara had appealed to the Supreme Court to review the penalty imposed on the firms. Earlier in 2012 June, Supreme Court had fined Sahara Housing Investment Corporation Ltd (SHICL) and Sahara India Real Estate Corporation Ltd (SIRECL) for raising investments from nearly 3Cr investors through OFCDs.

Both the Sahara firms asked the Apex Court for more time to pay off the debt. Later when they were granted more time to pay off, they stated that they had already repaid their investors. Read More »

Real Estate Shares Stoop Down: Investors Troubled

Stock experts opined that real estate shares face severe pressure to sell off. This was all the more infuriated by BSE closing its real estate index at 1,822.14 after a 3% drop.

Stock market witnessed severe pressure for real estate shares to sell off.  7.8 % inflation of September had hurt the real estate investors’ sentiment. This was all the more increased by the profit-booking. The 7.8 % inflation of September was the ten- month highest in the year.

The real estate shares faced the worst fall. All other sectors performed better than real estate shares. The shares of all real estate majors like DLF, Unitech etc. faced severe setback. DLF shares were priced Rs.208 after declining by 4.3%. Shares of Unitech were sold at Rs.25.65 with a 4.8 % decline. Read More »

Property Investments In Tier 2 Cities Are More Profitable

With better growth rate and existing lower property prices, tier 2 cities have become more profitable destinations for property investments. Due to many reasons property investments in such cities are more profitable and preferred now.

The tier 2 cities of India now offer better returns to the investors and so the property investors of India prefer tier 2 cities to metropolitan cities. The property investments in such cities are showing an upward move while the same is showing a downward growth in the major cities. Read More »

LICHFL To Raise Rs.1000 Cr Real Estate Fund Thru ECBs

LIC Housing Finance Limited (LICHFL) will raise Rs.1000 Cr thru ECBs for residential development.

The Housing Finance Limited, a subsidiary wing of insurance giant LIC, will raise Rs.1000 Cr through external commercial borrowings (ECBs). An official of the LIC Housing Limited revealed that the fund will be residential – development oriented.

CEO of LICHFL Mr. V.K. Sharma informed the media that the firm plans to raise a fund around Rs.700 to Rs.1000 Cr through ECBs. Yet he said that the decision will be finalized only after the firm’s talk with the Central bank. Read More »

Real Estate Asset Divestment: Easy Means To cut off debt

Most often MNCs divest their real estate assets to overcome their financial crises. This phenomenon is not confined to Indian Corporates alone.

Whenever any MNCs are loaded with debt it seeks to repair with divesting some real estate assets. They may face debt due to sluggish market or economic recession.

Rising debt has been a serious issue for many of the Indian Corporates and MNCs. Many are forced to divest their real estate assets. They are sure of overcoming the debt if the property is in any prime area. Some of them lease out their properties or resort to other monetization methods. Read More »