Which Investment is better, Gold or Realty?

Recently with the fall of gold prices, the investors are turning to gold. While leaving real estate, the investors are still confused on the investment options they have.

Once the gold prices started falling many of the property investors turned to this glittering metal. Yet some of them remained cautious as they were not sure of their investment returns from the gold.

If the gold prices have fallen once, why can’t it be falling in the future? This was one of the main questions the investors had in their mind. Yes, it is possible that the gold prices may fall again. If so how wise it is to have investment on gold?

There is a good point while considering the investment on gold. If you are planning to have a short term investment or a smaller scale investment, gold will be one of the best options you have.

However, real estate investment is more stable than gold. Studying the performance of realty in the last couple of decades, anyone can understand that there was never such time for real estate.

It means that there will be no time in the future when the property prices will be lower than that of today. Due to the population explosion and the land scarcity, it will always be moving up and will never be coming down.

Not only the land prices but also the labor charges are also increasing. All these will rise the property prices. All the more the raw materials like cement, iron, etc. also become costlier ever.

Now, you have the chance to answer whether the property prices will fall or not. Your answer will be or at least I hope to be is that there is no chance for a fall.

There are many who have invested some good amounts in the gold market now. It is always wise to invest when the prices are lower. But if you are waiting for a fall of property prices, then it may not be possible for you to have an investment.

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