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Violent Construction Laborers Upset Noida

Raged by the non-payment of wages for a few months, some of the construction laborers in Noida turned violent. They, while protesting against the developer, set four vehicles on fire.

Nearly 1000 construction laborers alleged a real estate developer for not paying their wages for a quite some time. While protesting against the developer, they set fire to four vehicles- two cars and two motor bikes, besides damaging the office of the developer. Read More »

PMC Postpones Reduction in Property Tax Discount

A standing committee of Pune Municipal Corporation- PMC has postponed the decision on proposed reduction in property tax discount.

The property owners were enjoying a 10% discount in property tax if paid before May 31. As this has caused the loss of revenue to the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), it suggested revising the discount rate to 5%. Read More »

Barjeel Geojit‘s brokerage firm aims QFI investors

With the aim to help the NRIs residing in Gulf Countries to invest wisely in properties in their own home land, Barjeel Geojit plans to set up a real estate brokerage firm.

The real estate brokerage firm of Barjeel Geojit will be really a help to the NRIs. They will be guided and led in their move to buy and sell any properties. Read More »

Which Investment is better, Gold or Realty?

Recently with the fall of gold prices, the investors are turning to gold. While leaving real estate, the investors are still confused on the investment options they have.

Once the gold prices started falling many of the property investors turned to this glittering metal. Yet some of them remained cautious as they were not sure of their investment returns from the gold. Read More »

Revised SEZ Policies likely to boost real estate

The government has recently revised some SEZ Policies. Under the new SEZ Policies SEZ development requires lower scale of land parcels.

The small scale real estate developers may now be able to develop some SEZ projects. Moreover cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and others will have more SEZ projects. All these have become possible with the revision of existing SEZ Policies by the government. Read More »

Plot Owners Obliged To Follow Green Norms

Plot owners in Delhi will now have to follow green norms while they are constructing homes in their allotted residential plots.

The plot owners, who have acquired residential plots in Delhi, will now have to follow green norms. While constructing homes, they should make sure that they are constructing their dream home in accordance with the green norms. Read More »

Gujarat Govt to Launch New Housing Policy

Gujarat state government is planning to launch a new housing policy for urban areas.

AHMEDABAD: The state government of Gujarat is likely to introduce a new housing policy by the end of this month. It also plans to implement two sub-policies. Read More »

Valmark Group to Invest Rs.125 Cr in Realty

With the purpose of investing in the realty sector, especially in the residential sector of Bangalore, Valmark Group will raise Rs.125 Cr.

BANGALORE: Bangalore based Valmark Group is thinking over raising Rs.125 Cr fund for investing in the real estate sector. As per the available sources the fund will be mainly invested in for the development of five to six residential projects across Bangalore. Read More »

Why property investment in Gurgaon is better

Gurgaon remains the best location for property investment. Being the best destination in the NCR, the city is far better than other NCR cities.

If you have a plan to invest in the NCR area, Gurgaon will be best choice. The city, in many ways, is far better than all other NCR cities like Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad and the others. Among all these cities, the best location for property investment will be Gurgaon. Read More »

Essel to invest Rs.1000 Cr in residential realty

Essel Financial Services Ltd.’s private equity wing will invest Rs.1000 Cr in residential realty. The new PERE fund of the Essel Group will be invested for developing residential projects across the top cities.

Bangalore: Essel Financial Services Ltd.’s private equity wing will launch a new fund. The new fund of Rs.1000 Cr is expected to be invested in the residential sector for developing housing projects in the top cities. This is the first PERE fund of the group. Read More »

Rising Home Rentals Woo Investors to Residential Sector

Home rentals are increasing in all the top cities of India. Higher flow of population, lower supply of housing units, etc. are key factors which determine the home rentals.

MUMBAI: Population from rural areas is flowing to the big cities. This higher flow of population causes higher demand for housing units in these cities. Along with the increase in demand, the home rentals too increase. Read More »

DAMAC Towers by Paramount Invites Indian Investors

DAMAC Properties aims investors from India. Their DAMAC Towers by Paramount is expected to be one of the best investment options for the Indian investors.

DAMAC Towers by Paramount is expected to become a sign and symbol of luxury. It is a joint venture of Paramount Hotel & Resorts and DAMAC Properties. Read More »

Sultanpur Road Belt in Lucknow Turns Hot For Investment

Many of the top developers have projects in the Sultanpur Road belt. In their opinion this belt is one of the fast developing areas in Lucknow.

LUCKNOW: Lucknow has been growing for a quite good while. The city has become one of the hot real estate hubs in Uttar Pradesh. Though there are many hot destinations in Lucknow, the investors are more attracted to Sultanpur Road belt where a large number of top end projects are coming up. Read More »

PERE Investments, Bangalore & Mumbai holds lion share

Majority of the PERE Investments are done in Bangalore and Mumbai. Experts opine that this is due to the higher number of IT hubs in these cities.

MUMBAI: Private Equity in Real Estate is one main sources of income for the builders. However the recent reports show that the PERE investments are mainly done in Mumbai and Bangalore. Read More »

Investment on housing plots, how good is it?

Investing on housing plots is better. However the returns from the investment depend on the features and specialties of the housing plots.

Property investment has been in the forefront of investment for a long while. This has been one of the best forms of investment for many reasons. However as the time passed the investment shifted from residential sector to the commercial sector. Read More »

JLL Will Raise Commercial Realty Fund of Rs.1200 Cr

Jones Lang LaSalle is now planning to raise a new commercial realty fund. JLL plans to raise Rs.1200 Cr for investing in the commercial sector.

BANGALORE: Last year Jones Lang LaSalle has invested in the residential market of Bangalore. This year JLL is planning to have a shift from the residential sector to the commercial sector. Read More »

NH 24 widening to boost Noida and Ghaziabad realties

NH 24 has finally got the approval of the Authority for widening. It will be boosting the real estate sectors of both Noida and Ghaziabad.

The real estate players of Noida and Ghaziabad will be happier all the more. Those who have projects on the NH 24 corridor will be reaping a windfall this time. On the other end, those who do not have projects along this corridor will be doing nothing other than blaming themselves. Read More »

Demand for Studio Apartments Surges in Tier II cities

Due to various reasons, studio apartments are becoming more popular in tier II cities. Tier II cities now witness a surging demand for studio apartments.

These apartments are built without a wall to separate your bedroom and kitchen. They are normally small yet not congested. They are small in size and so are in prices. Do you ever prefer to live in such a small house? Whether you like it or not, it is true that the demand for studio apartments is increasing. Read More »

Rajkot Turns a Hot Investment Destination

Rajkot is now slowly emerging as a hot real estate investment destination. The real estate market of Rajkot attracts the investors and end-users now.

GUJARAT: There is a consistency in the value appreciation in Rajkot. This is the main factor which attracts the investors to the area. In the opinion of real estate experts, Rajkot will be one of the top real estate investment destinations within a couple of time. Read More »

Why Investment in township projects is better?

Township projects remain one of the best options for property investment. They offer easy exit with higher returns.

There is all possibility for infrastructure development around the township projects. The builders do take care that their projects are well-connected and supported by infrastructure. Read More »