Violent Construction Laborers Upset Noida

Raged by the non-payment of wages for a few months, some of the construction laborers in Noida turned violent. They, while protesting against the developer, set four vehicles on fire.

Nearly 1000 construction laborers alleged a real estate developer for not paying their wages for a quite some time. While protesting against the developer, they set fire to four vehicles- two cars and two motor bikes, besides damaging the office of the developer.

Last Saturday a protest against the developer was held in one of the under-construction sites in Noida. Once the protesters were blocked from entering the site by the security guards who then fired in to the air for dispersing the crowd, the protest became violent.

In the incident two construction laborers were injured –one on the leg and the other at the neck. Later four were arrested. The detained includes two security guards.

A senior officer said that the firing was not meant to injure the protesters. It was meant to disperse the crowd.

In the narration of the senior police officer, the incident occurred in this way. While nearly 1000 construction laborers were lined in a queue, it was broken when someone pushed one mason from the line.

The clash took place when the guards who were on duty tried to prevent the protesters from entering the under-construction site. The site was later identified as one that belongs to the 3C Company.

Both the injured persons were taken to the hospital in Greater Noida. The doctors said that the condition of one is severe.

The doctors added that they are doing their maximum best for the injured who is identified as Mohammed Alam. Another injured person is Jinarul.

Four people are arrested by the police. The site is under control, said a police officer. The protest lasted only for 30 minutes. Police force from four police stations in Noida had reached the site to control the protestors.

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