Realty Investors Look Hopefully At the Proposed Bridges

Realty investors are hopefully looking at the proposed bridges as they will boost the real estate market in Noida.

Recently Noida Authority has proposed the construction of two new bridges across the Yamuna. Though the Authority plans to construct these bridges to avoid the traffic jams in the city, this proposal has been hopefully looked at the realty investors.

Once these bridges are completed, the residents of Ghaziabad will be able to reach Faridabad, directly without going through Delhi. Now they are to first go to Delhi to reach Faridabad. This situation will get changed if the bridges are built.

Besides the residents of Ghaziabad, the people of Hapur, Noida and Greater Noida also will benefit. They too will be able to cut short the travelling hours by great deals.

Developers are also pushing the construction of these bridges. While the developers are pushing with the aim to foster real estate market in these areas, the realty investors are looking forward to cropping better returns.

Realty investors are sure that they will be able to gain huge profit from their investments, once the bridges become reality.

Meanwhile Noida Authority has approached HUDA and other Haryana Authorities for the same. If they show the same spirit, the project will soon be accomplished. The building up of bridges will be done faster. The bridges are proposed to come up along the sectors 150 and 168 in Noida.

Some sources have reported HUDA to have achieved necessary approvals for the project from the central and other authorities. This includes the approval of Chandigarh town planning department as well.

Noida Authority plans to conduct another meeting with HUDA in this week. The Authority will explain the details of the project in this meeting.

On the pretext of these bridges, many developers are coming up with various new projects in these areas. The developers remain confident over the success of their projects which are hotly sought after by the realty investors.

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