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Retail Boom In India

With rise in prosperity and disposable income of the middle class people in cities due to high economic growth, India is witnessing a retail boom. This has led to the growth of organized retailing, which is changing the way shopping is done, particularly in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad among others. […]

Hotmail Allies With Parsvnath

The famed Nano City project of Hotmail man Sabeer Bhatia, is all set to get a partner soon and that will be realtor Parsvnath Developers. As Sabeer arrives in India on July 10, final decisions will be taken about handing over 30-38% equity stake in the project to Parsvnath Developers. A senior official of Nanocity […]

Airport Upgrades Projected To Add 78 Million Square Feet Realty Space

Nearly seventy eight million square feet real estate space is expected to be added by 2015 due to forty seven airport modernization and upgrade projects. The projects cover forty thousand acres across forty existing and seven new airports, according to the Airport Realty Report by global property consultancy Cushman & Wakefield. The report says if […]