Investment In Promising Cities In India

India is internationally recognized as a booming economy, making it a  favored real estate investment destination for both commercial and residential properties. Still, there is always the confusion of whether to invest in an recognized area or in potentially more money-making area.

A few cities in India offer nice-looking real estate investment prospects because they are already well-established commercial centers. Let’s take example of Mumbai,  the so called  Financial Capital of India, is very sought-after by people making investments in commercial and residential property. But, since so many people desire to invest in Mumbai, the property prices there are enormous.

So, be careful before investing because there are so many cities in india  still growing and by investing in cities that is still growing can give you good returns.

Investment in Delhi-NCR (National Capital Region)

NCR, or National Capital Region, involves areas that are on the border of the capital city of Delhi. India is working hard to become an economic superpower by 2020, for the same Delhi is getting ready with the 2021 Master Plan and 2010 commonwealth games.
Projecting into the future, the NCR cities, including Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Sonepat, and Bhiwadi are set to become hot destinations for real estate investments.
A number of NCR residential complexes are available, from middle-income housing to ultramodern duplexes and luxurious penthouses. Investments in these properties have fetched double returns since 2003/04 and buying real estate in the NCR region still makes for a very attractive investment that offers healthy profit margins.

Investment in Pune

Pune is a dynamic city in the heart of Maharashtra. Until recently, Pune was only recognized as an industrial town, however, India’s speedy economic growth has changed it into an urban, cosmopolitan city.
Today, Pune is a lively IT hub and Infosys and WIPRO –  the two of India’s biggest IT majors – are planning to open sprawling campuses there. The city is also seeing a major growth in other sectors, including service industries like retail, insurance, and banking.
Buying real estate in Pune is a good investment, as you are bound to get long term capital appreciations and significant returns on your investment.

Real estate investment in Hyderabad

The charming city Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh has became known as a popular outsourcing destination. Some time ago, Hyderabad was known for its old world charm and generally relaxed attitude to life. But in recent times, it is one of the fastest growing cities in India.

Large pharmaceutical companies are also making their foundation in Hyderabad and as these are all high growth industries. Hyderabad is another Indian city where investing in real estate will definitely offer good returns on capital.