Real Estate India will be benefited by PE Investment In next two year

With a revenue margin of approximately 35% to 50%, Private Equity (PE) land in India is one of the best beneficiaries of the Real Estate Sector of the country.

Within the upcoming two years Private Equity (PE), out of the country firms venture in Indian market is likely to touch US$48bn. More than 400 such firms are in service in Indian market whose number would further scale up by another 69 or 70 by 2010, according to reports by The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM)

According to guesstimate made by the ASSOCHAM in its yet to be published paper, Private Equity–The Money Tree real Estate sector is forecasted to be the best recipient of PE landscape in India which would give them profit margins, varying somewhere between 35% and even 50%.

In 2007, India attracted the highest PE investments, the assessment for which is projected at US$17.14bn from emerging economy together with China. With respect to India, China attracted less than 50% of PE investments in 2007, the guesstimate for which are at US$8.3bn.

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