Asian and European market are about to fall like US

As per the experts, real estate market in india, china, and european countries are going to be attractive because of th edownfall in US and this is creating Asian market more attractive to do business. But is this really going to be the exact picture as per the experts or the aftermaths are goin to be different as the real estate markets in india. china and europe are not even that immune to face the real estate forces around the world. Its really hard to differentiate between reasonable hype and falsehood created by the present-age media.

India, china are offereing huge opportunities in real estate sector to attract the global market towards themselves as their main lender gone bankrupt, yes i am talking about US here which has been facing economic crisis and US downturn is already spilling over European countries. As a result of this sooner or later this downturn wil also spill over to Asia as well.

The prices are going high and when this down fall hits the Asia, it will spill the Asian economy as well. Its easy to say that the Asia have attractive opportunity but they have a sword as well which is being hanging on their necks for a uncertain time.