Asipac to Create Investment Banking and Procurement Services SBUs for Real Estate Sector

India’s No.1 real estate development services and project marketing company Asipac today announced that it is creating new Strategic Business Units to offer Investment Banking & Asset Management Services as well as Procurement Services for the real estate sector.

Mr. Amit Bagaria, Chairman, Asipac said, “In 18 months, we have helped developers raise Rs.6290 million in equity funding without a dedicated team”. Further he added, “Now, we are creating a Strategic Business Unit with a President and a team of 4 to begin with.” The company already has mandates in hand to raise Rs.5611 million of equity. He also said “The new business unit will begin with these deals and have a target of Rs.16 billion in 3 years”.

According to Asipac’s Chief People Officer James Arun, “we have already recruited a President and a VP for this unit, one with 22 years experience in fund-raising and investments in USA, Europe, South Africa, Hong Kong and India, and the other with 16 years financial planning and investment advisory experience in USA, including 6 years in real estate financing. The head of procurement has joined us with 10 years global experience in sourcing.”